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This question is similar to super slow WINDOWS 7 installation on asus p5q se plus, but was not solved by that one.

The problem is that during installation of Windows 7 (Professional, x64, English) on an ASUS P5B SE motherboard there was a very long hang after displaying the background picture, but before displaying the Keyboard and Language selection dialog.

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The answer is to upgrade the BIOS from the initial version '0302' to the latest version found on the ASUS hardware web site:

Beta Version 1103, released on June 10 2009 worked for me.

  • Using a USB Key formatted for the FAT filesystem, download the BIOS image and place it on the key.
  • Insert the key into any available USB port on the target system.
  • Power-on the target system, pressing DEL to enter the BIOS Setup program.
  • Navigate to the ASUS EZ-FLASH utility.
  • Select the USB drive's file named ending in .ROM.
  • Apply the BIOS to the motherboard.
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