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My employer would like me to automate the backup and restoration of Linksys WiFi devices on home networks. To do this manually requires logging in, navigating and then downloading or uploading a binary file and the clicking of submit buttons. My application is written in Java.

I looked into it a little and I am wondering if it is a 'difficult' problem. Firstly, as an example, my particular Linksys model router, WRT54G2, needs to be logged into from a welcome page... but to make a long story short, the html form does not seem to be easily accessible (see appendix A). Once logged in, the script would need to navigate and then push a submit button to download the .bin file.

So I am basically looking for any suggestions or hints related to the following three questions:

  1. Does Linksys offer a method for software vendors to access and automate the backup and restore functions?

  2. If not, how could I login programatically to Linksys routers?

  3. Are there popular scripts that can work with a Java program to navigate HTML pages?

Appendix A:
When I go to login to the Linksys router ( while navigating from an unrelated page (e.g., I remain on the Google page, but am presented with a popup window for the Linksys credentials (un and pw). When I look at the source code, I don't see any text that relates to the Linksys popup, it just looks like the source code from the previous webpage (e.g.,

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Selenium should probably allow you to automate the whole process, specifically selenium IDE. Its not java however, and is standalone

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