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I'm using a MacBook Pro (early 2010) and I have Jawbone speakers.

When I'm using other bluetooth devices (e.g. the Mighty Mouse) in a place where my speakers aren't, I have turned the bluetooth off for the speakers. Still my laptop tries to connect to the speakers every two minutes saying "Can't find the speakers".

Do I have to delete my Jawbone speakers from the Bluetooth Preferences every time I'm using my laptop in a place where my speakers are not?

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It might be an issue with the speakers itself, so I'd try asking in the Jawbone forums too. – slhck Nov 12 '11 at 23:38

Go to Apple LogoSystem PreferencesSoundOutputInternal Speakers. That should fix it.

If not, click the Bluetooth menu bar icon, then select your speakers in the drop-down menu and click disconnect. When you want to reconnect, just do the same thing, but click connect instead.

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