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I'm have the following makeprg to compile my tex files in vim:

setlocal makeprg=pdflatex\ \-file\-line\-error\ \-shell\-escape\ \-interaction=nonstopmode\ $*\\\|\ tee\ \/dev\/tty\ \\\|\ grep\ \-P\ ':\\d{1,5}:\ '

which gives me good results (errors displayed properly, tex compilation shown while busy,...)

Yet there is one thing I'm not pleased off: when there are errors and the quickfix window pops up, its status bar is cluttered up with the makeprg string:

pdflatex\ \-file\-line\-error\ \-shell\-escape\ \-interaction=nonstopmode\ $*\\\|\ tee\ \/dev\/tty\ \\\|\ grep\ \-P\ ':\\d{1,5}:\ '

Is there a way of changing the quickfix title/statusbar?

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A little digging and experimentation revealed that the 'statusline' of a quickfix window is set to

%t%{exists('w:quickfix_title')? ' '.w:quickfix_title : ''}

Unfortunately, the w:quickfix_title variable isn't defined until some time after the quickfix buffer and window are created, so you can't use an autocommand to undefine (:unlet) or set the value of w:quickfix_title. However, you can use an autocommand to set the value of 'statusline', so putting this in your ~/.vimrc should fix the problem.

au BufWinEnter quickfix setl statusline=%t
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I found this helpful, and used it to set a cleaner statusline. Unfortunately when paging through earlier quickfix lists with :colder and :cnewer the ugly titles got restored again! So I finally wrote this helper to preserve the cleaner statuslines:… I hope it may be useful to plugin authors! – joeytwiddle Jan 13 '14 at 17:41

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