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I have been asked to test a web application running inside Tomcat server in Linux Environment.

Regarding this I have a question. After logging in as a user, how can we open a file browser from your current command prompt/terminal?

I have tried firefox (After logging in as a normal user), but it did not work.

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Please clarify. When you login to a terminal session you are in a kind of file manager. cd, mv, cp, ... Alternatives could be Nautilus, Thunar, or if it's got to be a command line one, Midnight Commander (mc). –  RobinJ Nov 12 '11 at 22:49

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Are you sure the server even has firefox installed? None of the tomcat-servers I have encountered has had firefox installed (usually not even x-windows).

The usual way to connect directly to a tomcat server is to to point your browser to http://name.of.tomcat.server:8080 or http://ip.of.your.server:8080 (8080 is the default port but can be almost anything really)

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From command line, you'd start your file manager (or browser) with $PWD following it (firefox $PWD might work, I don't have firefox installed)

$PWD is the current directory in command line.

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