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I've just upgraded to Xcode 4.2 a few days ago from Xcode 3. The project I have been working on seemed to get on well to 4.2 with no problem at all for the first few days. But then after I moved a layer on the IB slightly by mistake (but I adjusted it back), Xcode 4.2 started having this "internal logic error" thing.

I tried to copy from a backup of my source code to the working folder. The "internal logic error" went away but the project is behaving strangely.

  • First, a layer does not position as it used to be.
  • Then, there are strange compile errors that it didn't have.

Wonder if anyone has encountered anything similar. Do I need to install Xcode 4.2 from my download again?

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Guess I have found the answer myself. Those of you who are new to Xcode just as I am, do not panic as I did. Just perform a product - clean (from menu) and everything should be ok ...

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