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I have a remote location that has constant internet access using DSL. The remote location only has three Linksys cameras that have internet access from a router. There is no computer on the network. The router is configured to use the service to keep the IP address updated if the internet provider assigns a new ip address. The problem I am having is the router after a period of time stops responding to incoming ping requests and the cameras are shown offline. However, if I keep one of the cameras constantly streaming data then the connection to all the cameras works just fine all the time. How can I keep the router from appearing to be sleeping and not responding to incoming requests? The router is the Linksys WRT300N.

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I would look for a keep alive setting in your router at the remote location. You're probably running DSL over a PPPoE connection and it's timing out not seeing any traffic over the link. By setting a keep alive period for less than the timeout period (i.e. 4 minutes if the timeout period is 5 minutes) will tell the router to send packets down the link to keep it open. If that doesn't work you could probably script a job to periodically hit one of the cameras at your remote location to keep the link up.

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