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when I use the command:

sudo yaourt -S chmsee

install the chmsee in the Archlinux.

then type the chmsee at the terminator:

Error: Platform version '8.0' is not compatible with minVersion >= 2.0b9 
maxVersion <= 7.0.* failed to create drawable

I thought cause the xulrunner version is too high,and my system is lower?

if so, how reslove this problem?

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Similar problem in ArchLinux here. My error was:

$ chmsee &
Error: Platform version '9.0' is not compatible with
minVersion >= 6.0
maxVersion <= 8.0.*

So I solved it modifying in file /usr/share/chmsee/application.ini line:


with this other one:


I hope it helps.

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Had the same issue in LMDE today, fixed it. Thanks +1 – Silas Apr 11 '12 at 19:01

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