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I'm running Thunderbird 8 on Windows XP with no add-ons. I'm using an IMAP server. On some of the emails I am getting, there aren't attachments even though I have confirmed that attachments exists on the mail server via webmail.

Any ideas why the emails aren't showing that they have attachments in Thunderbird?

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Go into Tools > Options > Advanced > General, click on Config Editor, then set the mailnews.display.show_all_body_parts_menu preference to true.

Now you should be able to activate the menu item View > Message Body As > All Message Parts as needed to access any content as attachment.

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Attachments are here and can be seen with view / message source. But they are not shown in the message body.

This bug appeared with Thunderbird 8. I'm using it with an IMAP server, under Windows 7/32.

Not all attachments disappeared. Some are viewable, some others are not. Most of the non-viewable attachments for me are PDFs located in my fax server public folder.

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