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This is a repost of this question at Android SE.

There's an Asus 240 MIMO Wifi access point. There's a laptop running Windows XP that uses that access point no problem for years so far. And there's an Android based HTC Desire S smartphone that has problems. The objective is to make the smartphone access the Internet via the Wifi access point.

I open "wireless networks" configuration pane, "enable" Wifi - it goes through "scanning" and "obtaining IP address" stages, says "connected to TheRightNetworkName". The Wifi symbol is displayed in the bar under the top of the screen. Yet when I try to open any page in a browser if wouldn't do so and claim there were problems accessing that page.

I tried the following (listed in this answer below, thanks to user Matthew Read):

  • rebooted the phone - doesn't help
  • checked MAC filtering on the AP - it is disabled
  • disabled the firewall on the AP - doesn't help
  • tried to change channels - doesn't help, the AP has 13 channels if that matters
  • tried to change to 2.4 GHz - looks like it is already the only option, couldn't find any way to change the range
  • didn't try to switch from WPA that is currently used to WEP because it feels quite scary - I can mess things up
  • tried switching modes - b, g, b/g - doesn't help

Also tried to ping the smarphone IP from the laptop - the ping is okay.

The same smartphone works okay on two other WPA-protected networks okay, the problem is only on that network.

How do I debug and resolve this issue?

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So you've happily disabled the firewall on it ok, yet changing from WPA to WEP seems scary?!

Disabling WEP would be one of the first things i would try after disabling MAC filtering... Have you also added the phones MAC into the filters? I don't know the Galaxy S but check there's no proxy settings set...

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