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can you help me choosing a raid system?

ive got raid0 on my last system (ssd) = fast transfer rates

BUT they crashed and all data went into trash.

isnt there a system that mirrors a raid0 ? (wiki says raid01 (raid 0+1))

BUT (again^^) my mirror hdds are normal hdds, so the transfer rates are not equal to the ssd.

so my question will the "system" trottle the rates to the lowest hdd? (=normal hhds?)

detailed: ssd have about 440MB/S the raptors have ~120MB/S

br foxl

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'mirror' RAID 0? RAID 0 is striping with no redundancy, if that's what you want then use RAID 0.

If you want redundancy then use any other RAID type.

If you want the speed of RAID 0 with redundancy then RAID 4, 5 or 6 (or more commonly RAID10).

RAID will always work at the slowest drives speed, that's why as a general 'rule of thumb' you use equal drives with equal storage and speeds.

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