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My document prints okay (exactly as it appears on the screen in Libre Office), but when I export to PDF and view the PDF on screen there are white borders around each text or picture object.

Here's a sample snapshot from PDF/Preview:

enter image description here

I've tried selecting a paragraph and changing the border property to None as described in Libre Office help, setting the "Line arrangement Default" to "Set no borders".

But borders set by the Format dialog don't correspond to the borders I see in PDF/Preview. In PDF/Preview the border appears on line boundaries. Borders set in Format appear around each picture, for example.

What am I doing wrong?

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I think this is a bug. Please report it here.

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A little old here, but I was still experiencing this bug the other day. I found that sometime during the PDF conversion, LibreOffice had randomly added several Paragraph borders to my document. I did Format-->Paragraph-->Borders, then set a border, clicked OK, then went back to the paragraph borders and unset the borders. I re-exported the PDF and it looked fine.

Far from ideal but it worked for me

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