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I've set up a server backup for my Windows Home Server in the WHS console, but don't see a way to automate the backup to have it run on a scheduled basis in a similar manner to client backups. How can I accomplish this?

I'd like to use the existing server backup system if possible, as opposed to putting together some custom backup setup.

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Note that WHS v2 includes automated backup based on Windows Server Backup. – Jay Bazuzi Nov 15 '11 at 1:59
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As Brent mentioned, there is not built-in way to automate the server backups, but following the steps in the following article, you can make it happen (in a nutshell it uses AutoHotKey to record a macro that simulates clicking on the Server backup button).


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After you install the Windows Home Server Power Pack and plug in an external drive, you can back up the server manually - but you can't schedule a backup. You have to click the link to run it on demand. You're right, that blows, but it's the way it is.

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When the server is backed up - All it does is backup up the profile drives and shares. There is no real OS backup as far as i can tell. Personally i use Keepvault to back these folders up. Fortunately i was able to get the service while it was still 99 dollars for unlimited GB

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I don't need the OS backed up -- WHS restore functionality covers that. I'm just looking to find a way to automate the existing server backups. Keepvault is not really an option as I'd like to work with the existing server backup system in WHS. – arathorn May 18 '09 at 4:07

Use ntbackup.exe instead to schedule a backup of whatever directories you want, including your desktop/workstation backup directories ;)

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