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I am installing Fedora 16.

I just insert CD to install Fedora 16 in my laptop however, I am getting this error like "dracut Warning: Can't mount root filesystem."

http://cfile7.uf.tistory.com/image/176BAA3C4EBF9F89051FA7 <--- like this

I am not really sure how to fix it. (this is the first time to install Fedora 16 in my laptop)

In my laptop , I previously installed Windows 7 Professional. I have not install any kind of Linux before.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem ?

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In the kernel path from grub type after your code:

acpi=off irqpoll
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That error probably indicates that something is wrong with the CD you are using.

Follow the instructions here to verify the ISO you downloaded is valid. If not, redownload the ISO. If so, try burning a new CD.

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