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I used to use DVD Decrypter, and now very rarely use DVD Shrink. DVD Decrypter is my favourite of the two. However, DVD Decrypter is now woefully out of date, and I own a Macbook Pro now anyway.

What I want is a program that does exactly the same job as DVD Decrypter for copying my DVDs whole to my external hard drive. I do not want file conversion, or compression, just a direct copy. I've tried several applications that claim to do this, none of which have worked, or impressed me. Don't even suggest MacTheRipper, as it doesn't work on Lion.

Can anyone suggest a viable application to me, preferably freeware or open source?

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When you copy DVDs to your computer, they are copied to two folders: AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. If you want to backup DVDs to your external hard drive, all you have to do is copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your external drive...You can rename it if you like as well.

Also, since you're copying large amounts of data, you may want to look into file-copier software for Mac.

If you're having trouble playing the DVD once it has been copied to your Macbook or external hard drive, you can open just about any video player, navigate to the folder, and then select all of the items in the VIDEO_TS folder, and hit 'Play', it will play the video files in order and without interruption.

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