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I was trying to connect to a Canon ImageRunner at one of my client's workplace, and an HP printer at a different client's worklplace. Most times my Mac can find and install printers with no problem. However, these were rather new network printers and I suppose it was not in the included drivers.

I installed both the HP and the Canon printer drivers on different days, using the install package. I then deleted the applications that they installed from the Applications folder by dragging them to the trash and emptying it.

Looks like the software might have had an uninstaller program but I am not even sure which one I installed. Oops.

Now when software update pops up it wants me to update Lexmark and HP Printer software.

enter image description here

I really want these two to go away - I really don't want to install updates for them. How can I make them go away?

For extra points, how can I remove other remnants of these? Perhaps by checking the launchd config?

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You'll have to play with pkg-util I think. For example,

$ pkgutil --pkgs | grep -i hp

You can see the files owned by a package like this:

~ $ pkgutil --files
~ $ pkgutil --files

So do pkgutil --forget on the packages you don't want, and presumably that will stop updates (untested). You can also delete the files it lists, carefully (untested).

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