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I have a Shuttle SG45H7 which I use as my home theatre PC. Currently I have a DVB-T card in the PCI slot and I connect to my TV by HDMI. This PC has an Intel G45 + ICH10 chipset.

I would like to add a satellite TV card, probably this one, to the PCI-E slot. However, the FAQ section of the Shuttle website for my machine says:

Why there is no display from onboard digital output (HDMI) when insert PCI-E interface card?

That is cause by the Intel Hard ware design, when you insert PCI-E interface card, the onboard digital output will not display.


Can the HDMI display when inserting the PCI-E card?

No, it can not. But the D-sub could display in that moment. That is the design limitation of the chipset.

What is the design limitation they refer to, and does it only apply to PCI-E graphics card or will any PCI-E card make the HDMI port stop working? I would prefer to continue using the HDMI connector because I don't then need a separate connection for sound.


This may be a duplicate of this question, although that is a different chipset and talks about DVI not HDMI.

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This is probably due to a limited mastery of English. It's common for on-board video to turn itself off when a video card is inserted into the PCI-e slot. This made sense, because that videocard is usually far more powerful (however, modern computers may keep the internal video enabled to drive two monitors in that configuration).

With a PCI-e TV card, the internal video should continue to work.

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This is what I was assuming, but the comment about the D-sub still working suggests that the on-board video is still enabled. Like you say though, their English is poor so perhaps they mean the D-sub on the PCI-E graphics card. – Andrew Wilkinson Nov 15 '11 at 11:18
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I am now almost certain that this the same problem as in the linked question. If you look at section in the documentation for a board using the the G45 chipset it appears that the HDMI port will work with a non-Video x1 PCI-E card. Fortunately the card I want to use is PCI-E x1 so it will be fine. A bigger card will cause the HDMI port not to work.

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