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How do I find the serial number of my Macbook Pro in Windows 7? I can't read the serial number on the back. It is too small.

I tried steps 1 and 3 in this question: Serial Number and Product Number of laptop in Windows and none of them worked.

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You should try a magnifying glass. In a pinch, try holding a plastic bottle of water up to it - it should work for magnifying. Alternatively, take a photo, and zoom it, or find someone with better eyes. – xdumaine Nov 15 '11 at 16:37
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I don't think you can get the serial number from Windows. I recommend getting the S/N close to a bright light and writing down the S/N as best you can. You can use this site: to verify the serial number is correct. It will show you the Ghz which you can verify by going to System Properties (right click on My Computer and select properties)

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