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I have one Windows application that I need to use when I travel. I have a Chromebook and wouldn't mind getting a tablet. It seems like a waste and a hassle to get a full laptop just for that one application. While looking for solutions, I came across Citrix Receiver and XenApp. It seems to do the trick, however I don't have a server and don't know how complicated it would be.

The reason I'm not using Remote Desktop or the like is because it's very important that it works and if something happens that requires me to have physical access to my home PC to fix, I could be without the app for days/weeks.

Are there any hosted solutions for this, so that I don't need my own server? Or does anybody have any other ideas?

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Just to clarify - you have a windows app you'd like to be able to access remotely from a tablet / chromebook, but don't want to use Remote Desktop (rdp) due to stability concerns? –  Paul Nov 15 '11 at 22:47

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You can use to Applidis, Systancia.

This solution permits to publish your application through a client or webacess onto your tablet.

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Citrix XenApp is absolute overkill and very likely much too expensive. Use RDP or some other desktop access/sharing product.

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You can use RDS - Remote Desktop Services (old name TSE for Terminal Services).

You won't have the same features because currently Citrix is better. But the future version of Windows Server will improve the domain.

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