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I want a file on my hard drive in Windows 7 to sync to my public dropbox folder.

I can do this with:

mklink /H "c:\dropbox\Public\test.txt" "c:\data\test.txt"

And the first time after I do this, the file c:\dropbox\Public\test.txt is indeed created, and is available online via

And when I update the file c:\data\test.txt then indeed the file c:\dropbox\Public\test.txt reflects the changes, however: does not reflect the changes since DropBox somehow doesn't get the information that that file was changed.

What is a workaround or another solution to this so that any changes in the original file is also reflected in the dropbox URL link?

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I'm using a folder symlink instead, and putting my files under that symlinked folder, and do not experience your problem so far, I think its easier than put a symlinked file(s) to a dropbox folder

Just a suggestion, use mklink /D to symlink a folder :)

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You have to make sure the "canonical" version of the file is in Dropbox's folder:

  • First move the original "real" file to your Dropbox folder
  • Then in the folder the file used to be, create a (hard?) link that points to the file that was just moved to Dropbox.

reference: Watch any folder/junction/symbolic links bug

I do this to synchronize my vim settings.

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Dropbox has an official response about this at:

In short, Dropbox only sees changes in linked files/junctions each time Dropbox client opens/restarts.

If you want changes to reflect immediately, you have to put your ORIGINAL files INSIDE Dropbox folder, and make a link outside pointing to THAT file/folder.


  • C:/Dropbox/MyFolder is a link to D:/MyFolder --> Changes will sync after Dropbox restart.

  • D:/MyFolder is a link to C:/Dropbox/MyFolder --> Changes will be synced immediately.

That's an issue to me, since I need two HDs to store my data, but that's how it works.

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