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Is it possible to run OpenDNS in such a way that the user does not see the updater popping up and saying that the IP address was updated?

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Curious... I never get notified that the IP address was updated. Only if I manually check the "IP updates history" can I see when it changed (and I'm not set to run hidden). – w3dk Feb 14 '14 at 14:57
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According to the documentation for the Windows Dynamic IP Updater client, there is a Hidden Mode:

Even if you close the program window, it shows its icon in the system tray area of Windows task bar. You can make the program even more hidden by choosing "Run hidden" menu item from contextual menu in system tray icon.

When running in hidden mode, you can see status window by launching the program from Start menu.

You may also want to consider Disabling Error Notifications:

When an error happens, the program will notify you by showing status window with error message describing the problem. Sometimes this might happen often and be distracting. You can disable those notifications by clicking "Stop nagging me" link present after error message. You can re-enable notifications by clicking "Start nagging me" link.

Please note that by disabling notifications about problems you might miss a configuration problem.

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I don't think there's a way in the official version, but there are alternative clients listed on this page. Alternatively the protocol is open if you're comfortable writing your own or writing a script.

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