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I was debugging my windows service application through Debug messages.

To view debug message, I was using DebugView (from SysInternals). However I am getting flooded with following Keyboard output on the output (which I found out how to filter out).

Is there a way to find out which application is responsible for generating a debug output? And is anyone familiar with the message shown below?

enter image description here

Answer (Thanks heavyd)
Found the culprit responsible for that verbose output, and slowing down my machine considerably. Now I need to find out where this guy came from.

OKay, this is a driver for Lenovo Ultra Nav keyboard. That's it. This guy is out...

enter image description here

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I am not familiar with that particular message, however in the Options menu you can select "Win32 PIDs". The PID then should show up in the debug print in brakets like this:

[PID] MakeCode = 2d, vkCode = 58, State = 80

You can then use ProcessExplorer to determine the application by its proccess ID.

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@heavyd: Right on! – Sung Sep 4 '09 at 15:42

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