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I have an image that is too large for what I am trying to do with it (I need images under 1 mega pixel). Is there an easy way to split it into several smaller images? My image is 2646x3058. I would like to split it into 9 images that are all the same size. I realize that I could do this manually for this image, but I would like to find an automatic way to do this as this will be a reoccurring problem for me.

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what OS are you using? – John T Sep 4 '09 at 15:50
Windows XP – BlueWaldo Sep 4 '09 at 15:54
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Try TileMage Image Splitter

TileMage Image Splitter is a freeware program designed to offer a simple solution for those who seek to slice a single image into a given number of columns and rows.

it requires the .NET framework but also runs under Mono.

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Install Imagemagick, its free and available for windows and unix. Then:

$ convert -crop 1000x1000 <yourfilename.jpg> <base_of_outputfilenames.jpg>

This will give you files that are <= 1M pixel, so the ones on the border might be smaller than the other ones. If you want them to be all of the same size you need to calculate the size in advance, or use something like:

$ convert -crop 25%x25% <yourfilename.jpg> <base_of_outputfilenames.jpg>

But this might lead to some tiles that are only one or two pixels wide if the width is not divisible by 4..

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You can use this online simple tool to split your images - It allows to process images weight up to 20MB.

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