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Right clicking on the desktop yields no menu.

I tried deleting my menu.xml file and regenerating it, nothing. I tried running openbox --debug, and nothing obvious.

What else can I try?


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Have you got a binding for right-click in rc.xml ( If you try binding a key to bring up the menu, does it work? – Paul Nov 17 '11 at 6:00

I think you have to bind the "right-click" in ./config/openbox/rc.xml

You have to lookin for Menus.

This is an example.

  <mousebind button="Right" action="Press">
    <action name="ShowMenu">

I hope your problem is about this.

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Having the same problem and found a workaround.Forgot where I found the answer, will search for it and post here.

This will enable you to use Alt+F1 to open the root-menu but button click problem remains.

Assuming you have the following files in ~/.config/openbox

autostart  environment  menu.xml  rc.xml

Add the following lines to rc.xml

181     <keybind key="A-F1">
182       <action name="ShowMenu">
183         <menu>root-menu</menu>
184       </action>
185     </keybind>

Then add the following line to the autostart file

ksuperkey -e 'Super_L=Alt_L|F1' &
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