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I have a HP 4100N printer and I am using it over network.

Previously I was able to access the printer settings over internet, but now the only thing visible is Device Info and Networking. I can connect to the web server and I can set all the network related settings, but that's not what I want.

There should be a supplies, config, print info, etc. page, what are not visible now.

Can you tell me what setting should I set to enable this printer config page on the webserver?

The printer is a HP 4100N and the network card is J4169A (Jetdirect 610n).

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Previously I was able to access the printer settings over internet

What do you mean by this, what have you done since you where previously able to see what you needed? Updated drivers/firmware?

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No, I've just switched on and off the printer every day. Now I don't see the options. – zsero Nov 17 '11 at 16:40
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OK, golden solution, once you run out of ideas:

Turn off - Wait a minute - Turn on

Now the missing tabs are present in the web-server.

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