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I use Outlook 2007 at work. It is syncd to a BlackBerry and an iPad. This works fine on the surface, but I have noticed a lot of emails build up in a Conflicts folder that I can't see. There is also a "Sync Issues" folder that I can't see, containing log files from sync issues.

None of this should be a problem except that emails that were previously flagged but have since been deleted still turn up in the Conflicts folder, and thus still turn up in the To-Do bar. (They also occupy space on the server and count to my mailbox limit.)

Is there a way to get at either the Conflicts folder itself, or construct a search that returns all the emails in that folder, so I can get rid of them? I can certainly delete them if I search by title or whatever, but it's annoying.

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The sync issues folder that you can't see is actually visible if you look at it in the 'folder list' view. Folder List Icon

Once you select the folder list, you will be presented with a visible 'Sync Issues' folder, which will also show you the conflict checks folder

Folder List 2

Hope this helps

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It does, thanks! – Verbeia Nov 17 '11 at 23:42

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