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I get the following warning message when I open CCleaner on Windows XP:

enter image description here

Why is this coming?

Why does the username end with .kh? ("")

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Why is this coming?

The file or directory is corrupted, as the message itself says. Please run the Chkdsk utility to (hopefully) fix this.

In more detail: CCleaner is trying to read the contents of your Firefox "searchplugins" directory, but Windows is unable to do so due to data corruption. Open Command Prompt and run the chkdsk command for the C: partition:

chkdsk C: /f

Note that /fixing the system partition cannot be done while the system itself is running, so answer Y to all chkdsk prompts, then reboot, and wait for the repair to complete.

(If you want only to check the disk without repairing it, you can run chkdsk C:)

Why does the username end with .kh? ("")

When Windows needs to create a new user profile, but the yourlogin directory already exists (for example, if the account existed earlier but was deleted), Windows will not re-use the old profile – it will create a new one with the computer name appended. In this case, the KH in yourlogin.KH is (or was) your computer's name.

In other words, your Windows account was once deleted and re-created.

The computer name can be changed in My Computer → Properties → Computer Name → Change in Windows XP.

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