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I'm going to do a project based on IPv6 Network. So I need to create a IPv6 Virtual Network in my Linux OS (I use Ubuntu). Also I need to create some virtual hosts in my virtual network and setup static ips (local ips) for each and every host. And I need to run a terminal on each virtual host.

Can I setup that kind of an environment on my Linux OS? Please give me some help to do this.

Thank You!

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You can use some virtualization software for that like Xen, VirtualBox, vmware etc.

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It depends what you mean by virtual host and terminal.

If you just need the network devices, you can use VLANs Debian Wiki You basically create sub-interfaces like eth0.5, eth0.6 etc. Then you can give them a static IP with ifconfig and bind any network service to it. (Thats what I do, as I'm doing something similar to you)

If you need a full virtual host behind that, you can setup several virtual machines (e.g., with VirtualBox) and configure them to be in the same (virtual)network. But I'm afraid I can't give you details on that approach.

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