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When I download something in OS X, say an installer or zip file, from Chrome and I click it, it doesn't get focus. So I have go to Mission Control and find where it is. Any way to get focus automatically on clicked installers?

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If you download a disk image file (.dmg) and click it, it will be mounted and opened in the Finder. Therefore, just Cmd-Tab to the Finder to see it.

Click the downloaded file …

Cmd-Tab to Finder, and see:

If you download a .zip file, or anything else that's opened by BOMArchiveHelper, it will most likely be extracted into your Downloads folder. Normally, that's something run in the background.

If you use a program like The Unarchiver, you can configure it to automatically show extracted files.

This way, when you click an archive downloaded through Chrome, it'll automatically show in Finder.

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