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I have various versions Windows 7 installed on my test machine. I want to do the testing for windows vista.

I am just worried, if I install Vista and its earlier version of windows os, if it will it overwrite the boot manager? If no then great and if yes then how can I install Vista with proper boot manager entry?

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If it's an option running it in VM with something like VirtualBox seems just the ticket.

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I just installed Vista on system with windows 7. It did not overwrite it.Thank God!

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@Kalamane: The system requires two days before a self-answer could be accepted, this is one of the ways to prevent a lot of trivial problems from being posted an answered. – Tom Wijsman Nov 19 '11 at 19:35

If Windows 7 is your primary operating system you can all use the Windows Virtual PC which is a free addin for some versions of windows (Pro and higher I think)

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