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I have notepadplus, and I have multiple tabs, i'd like to see the contents of all the tabs simultaneously e.g. converting them to windows. To a view like with notepad(or any separate windows) where you can Tile Horizontally/Vertically.

Added clarification

As you see from my comment, when I say "multiple" I don't mean 1 or 2, I mean more than 2. e.g. could be 5 or 6 or 15 or 30.

This is not a duplicate of How can I view two files side by side in Notepad++ because that one only covers for two files

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possible duplicate of How can I view two files side by side in Notepad++ – msh210 Sep 3 '15 at 18:25

Like most other tabbed applications, it's as simple as dragging the tabs out of the active application window. When you release the mouse button, Notepad++ will spawn a new window with the tab you just dragged out. Another way to do this is to select the tab you want to break out, and go to View -> Move/Clone Current Document -> Move to New Instance. You can then tile these separate windows as you would like.

You can also drag the tab within the active window to spawn a split-screen view by selecting one of the two "Move to new view" or "Clone to other view" when you release the mouse button after dragging.

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"move to new instance" is greyed out.. (also i'd rather not have to do that for every individual one but for all). also, if I try dragging a tab out e.g. onto the desktop, I click hold move the mouse, i get the changed mouse cursor, but then I release the mouse button and the tab is still there. split screen isn't what i'm looking for unless you can fit 20 tabs in there (pref) automatically – barlop Nov 18 '11 at 20:44
I have multiple tabs set to autosave with default names of new 1, new 2 e.t.c. – barlop Nov 18 '11 at 20:50
The only way I can replicate this is if you haven't yet saved the file. Try saving it first? – Garrett Nov 18 '11 at 20:50
they are set to autosave. You can replicate it if you download the autosave plugin for notepad++ so they save automatically. – barlop Nov 18 '11 at 20:54
the reason i'm using notepad++ like this is because Saving takes a while 'cos gotta save each file to the correct location, and so I leave that.. sometimes for exampel with notepad I might seee look these 3 files are for this directory, and I can see them all simultaneously, and i'll do file.saveas/ctrl-s) and then paste the DIR in.But still problem with regular notepad is if I don't save and it crashes,I lose it all and it has no autosave optionSo typing into untitled and i'm screwed when it crashes.With notepad++ I have autosave m just create files and write them wthout worryin abouta crash – barlop Nov 18 '11 at 20:58

If all you need is a text editor, NotepadTabs will do what you are trying to do. It is freeware.

enter image description here

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can you paste a screenshot – barlop Oct 16 '15 at 17:45

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