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So it is one nice utility I had in my WinXP that shows memory usage bar under the drive icon LEFT in Explorer:

enter image description here Vista drive icon shows it like this:

That is where I need to see memory usage

It calls Vista Drive Icon. This also shows "!" when there is a critical free memory size on drive. How to make it in Windows 7? Thanx

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You need to set Explorer to "Tiles" display to get the bars under the drives in Windows 7.

Click Here:


Choose "Tiles":


You can also switch between icon size/types by holding Ctrl and rolling your mousewheel, while over an active Explorer Window.

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You have to set a specific view (e.g.: list, details etc.). I don't know how this menu-option is called in english, so I made a screenshot for you. You should be able to select it by position (the second from the bottom):

enter image description here,

Update 2011\11\20 16:08:
AFAIK, you can't show a memory-usage-bar in the tree on the left side. You need an extension that does that like that extension that you used in your Windows XP.

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