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I have more than 20 gigabytes of RAR files, of which some have been damaged.

Can anyone tell me how to find out which RAR files are corrupt without trying to extract each archive?

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Using 7-Zip, you can select multiple RAR or other archives and select Test in the 7-Zip File Manager to test the integrity of all of them.

Alternatively, you can enable 7-Zip's shell integration feature1, use Windows Search to find all of the RAR archives (in Windows 7, use the search string type:rar), then select all of the results of the search, right-click on the results, and under 7-Zip, select Test archive.

1To enable shell integration, open the 7-Zip File Manager, select Options from the Tools menu, select the 7-Zip tab, and check the Integrate 7-Zip to shell context menu check box. Note that this requires administrator privileges; in Windows Vista and Windows 7, right click on the icon for the 7-Zip File Manager, click on Run as administrator, and click through the UAC prompt.

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really thanks for answer / because of my reputation i can not vote up. – LostLord Nov 19 '11 at 18:25

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