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I think the steps are something like:

  1. Install DD-WRT on a router with an external hard-drive
  2. Install Optware to get Samba
  3. Upgrade to Samba 3.6 (the link shows Samba 3.5, but using the NSLU2 optware packages, you can get 3.6 with built-in SMB2.0)
  4. Enable SMB2 in samba.conf
  5. Restart
  6. ...then a miracle occurs...
  7. Then you can use SMB2.0 to connect to your share

What is step 6? I can't find it on forums, etc.

Am using Microsoft Network monitor to check for SMB2.0 connection, I'm on Windows 7 and have tried network connections on wireless and gigabit wired to the router. No joy.

I doubt it matters, but to get ahead of the questions: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/26/10) big (SVN revision 15508M NEWD-2 K2.6 Eko) on Cisco/Linksys E3000

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