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Thunderbird 3 insists on moving message receipts (with the subject "Read:") into the Sent folder. This never happened with any other client I've used with this IMAP server. I can't find anything about this behavior in Thunderbird's settings?

To clarify, if I manually move them back to Inbox using another client, they stay. As soon as I open/resync Thunderbird, they all appear back in the Sent folder (they appear there to all clients).

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I don't know if this has changed from Thunderbird 3.0, but in 8.0 (which isn't all that much newer)

Tools / Options
General tab
There's a Return Receipts... button
In that dialog, there's an option

When a receipt arrives:

  • Leave it in my Inbox
  • Move it to my Sent folder
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Bingo! Actually I'd discovered this on my own a few days ago and forgot about this question, but this is good reference:) – Unsigned Dec 20 '11 at 14:35

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