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Suppose I had a RAR archive split in several smaller files and the names of the resulting files have later on been changed.

Is there any way to determine the correct order of files?

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I have found the specification of the rar headers, it does not mention multipart explicity but it looks like it is covered by it.

Looking at the 'archive' headers, there are not fields that show the order of the file. Of course, that specification is incomplete (there are even two reserved fields), but I found nothing better in the web.

Here is the source coude to unrar, from there you should be able to know if there is such thing. But if you are able to check this, probably it will be easier to just write a program to try all permutations of the files and check with the unrar DLL if it works or not...

So, my answer is "if it is possible at all, it is complicated to find out". My bet would be contacting suport@rarlab.com and hope for the best

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Looks interesting! If I don't manage to decode the format, I'll probably end up writing shell script to try everything out. –  AndrejaKo Nov 19 '11 at 20:25
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Open any filepart in winrar, then get the information of the file (Alt+I).

No matter what the file name is, it will show you the order of file (volume 1, volume 2...). Rename the file parts as it was shown.

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