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theage.com.au is a news site that loves to reload the page that I'm reading, which annoys the hell out of me. It also automatically starts playing any video on the page as soon as I start scrolling down. Is there any way to stop it from doing both of those things, preferably in Chrome (but Firefox would be interesting, too). Perhaps some extension or something? Ideally I'd like to disable it only for that one domain, because some sites do use auto-refresh for legitimate (non-annoying) purposes.

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Have you tried using Adblock for Chrome?

There is a FAQ on the website showing how to block for specific domains:

Adblock FAQ - How to Block Only a Few Sites

The format to block the ads on that domain would probably be something along the lines of...


Adblock is available for Firefox, too, but it is not made by the same person.

Another fix that may stop the page from reloading is turning off javascript on that domain. You can accomplish this by to Tools (Wrench) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Content Settings -> Javascript, and adding theage.com.au to block javascript on that page. One thing to note is that turning off javascript on some websites may cripple the responsiveness and useability of those websites, as they might rely on it heavily. After trying it out, it is mostly viewable.. but there were a lot of bits on the site that just disappeared when I used this. You might find it acceptable, but I would not recommend it (though I am including it here for you just incase you find you like it better).

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I tried adding AdBlock with that configuration, but it didn't seem to stop the page reloading or stop the video playing. (I already had AdBlock Plus by the way.) –  EMP Nov 23 '11 at 14:20

You could probably use flashblock if the videos are flash based - you'd need to click to activate then. You might need to whitelist sites you want flash to automatically load though

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