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I have connected the two computers using an Ethernet crossover cable. But I just can't seem to make them work.

I know it certainly isn't some physical-connection-related issue, I mean it's just plugging one end of the cable into an Ethernet port and the other into the other; so it must have something to do with configuring Ubuntu's and Mac OS X's respective Network Managers properly..... I just quite can't put my finger on how to do that?

If I run the client that I have coded on the Mac and the server on Ubuntu, both consoles on both computers just hang, if I do it the other way around Ubuntu keeps on hanging and this time I get a SocketException: PermissionsDenied on my mac's console.

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Verify the network is working

  • check each PCs IP-address using ifconfig -a
  • from each computer use ping with the other's IP-address

In your client program, replace with the IP-address of the computer acting as the server.

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