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What excel formula can I use to calculate the second Monday of a given month?

You can assume I have a cell containing the first day of the month to work with.

In the interests of other users, can you please also explain how to alter the formula to get the 1st, 3rd or 4th Monday of the month too, and other days of the week too. eg the third Friday of the Monday...

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Here's something I found with a quick search:

Generically you can get the nth xday of the month with this formula


where year is in B2 and month (as a number 1 to 12) is in A2, and where xday is a number representing the day of the week (1 = Sun through to 7 = Sat), so for 1st Saturday that becomes


or for 4th Thursday


So, if I'm reading this properly, the 2nd Monday of the month is


(credit where credit is due)

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It works perfectly, as far as I can tell! Thanks very much – Highly Irregular Nov 21 '11 at 22:37

Greetings: I wanted a formula to compute the second Wednesday of the current month and year to use to automatically add the date of the meeting to a sign in sheet for a monthly meeting. I used the great information in this post and created the formula below.


Thanks for the great information.

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