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I can't figure out how to open a .jtd file with OpenOffice on my Mac. I've read that it's possible to view these files using Open Office, but I haven't found any instructions on how to get them open.

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You can open .jtd files with open office but it requires an extension to convert.
.jtd files are made by JustSystems-Ichitaro, this program does not use xml as it does not use plain text, but they produce another application called Ichitaro Arc
This can handle xml and with a plug-in OpenOffice can open the jtd files
If you go to the company website, it will need to be translated unless you Japanese is good,
they have a free download which converts to xml (i think).
Some articles i read,(dated 2010) stated that it was only available to windows and linux, but
the wiki link states that they have had a mac version for sometime.
I could not find the mentioned OpenOffice extension
It will be there but my searches returned no extensions that matched.
I hope this helps in someway.

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