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Windows 7 x64

I have a VPN connection to my work network. It works fine if I have the "Use default gateway on remote network" is checked, but I don't want that. I know I need to update my routing table so that traffic intended for the work network is directed to that network, before all remaining traffic is routed through the local gateway.

I am having trouble figuring out how to identify the correct settings for the routing table. I know that I will have a defualt traffic entry for "", which will need to have a higher metric than traffic specifically routed to the work network, but how can I determine the correct gateway and interface for the work/VPN network? When I do ipconfig /all, it just shows the gateway as "On-link", and the IP address assigned by the remote network changes between connections (DHCP).

Any help in this matter is appreciated.

Edit: It appears that if I add a specific route e.g.:

route -p -4 ADD MASK

it works, but if I add a range e.g.:

route -p -4 ADD MASK

it doesn't. Any ideas why the second one doesn't work? Thanks again.

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I suspect you have the wrong subnet mask. is a very uncommon subnet mask for VPNs.

Connect using your VPN and post your ipconfig & routing tables. Or if you know what VPN software you use, we can just look at the config files.

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