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Possible Duplicate:
Maintain cursor position in window when typing (Using vim on Windows and/or Linux)

When typing text I don't like the way the cursor slowly descends towards the bottom of the screen. Instead I would prefer if the cursor stayed in the same place and the text above the cursor moved up. I know about the 'scrolloff' option and the 'zz' command.

Anyone know how to achieve this behaviour in vim?

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From :help scrolloff: "If you set it to a very large value (999) the cursor line will always be in the middle of the window (except at the start or end of the file or when long lines wrap)."

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Thanks for the comments Walter. My only problem is that with the scrolloff setting the H, L and M commands don't work properly as it is now impossible for the cursor to be anywhere but in the centre of the screen! – iorrus mcdonnagh Nov 21 '11 at 17:52