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Some Windows shortcut key combinations are interfering with my WinSplit Revolution shortcuts. Where are these shortcuts defined in XP and how can I change them?

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You can try changing some via HotKeyBind, AutoIt, AutoHotkey and such programs. You cannot change most of the system implemented default ones (like Win+ E for explorer, Win + R ... and such). I had a question regarding this on SO, and this has been one of the Windows annoyances for me for a while now.

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If the conflicts are ones that start programs, then they are defined as shortcuts in .lnk properties - however there are no defaults so you -- or someone -- has to have set them.

You can go into explorer and do a properties on each .lnk file -- or if you have some programming skills you can do as I did -- see bottom of this answer.

I found this was implemented "horribly" in XP -- apparently the start menu "tree" of .lnk files is NOT scanned and loaded into a little table. So if you haven't used a shortcut in a while it will have to look thru and open every .lnk file until it finds the right one.

Instead I prefer Macro Express, and while fee-based, is definitely worthwhile.

I wrote my own "find all shortcuts" program, which is in KEDIT and thus not "portable" (for it relies on non-free Kedit to run). But the LOGIC might help someone else do a search:

The logic is this: read the 65th and 66th byte of every .lnk file in the documents and settings\ files.

The 65th byte is the "key" with a decimal 220 meaning "\"; and the 66th byte is a bit of "what other keys go with it":

'00000110' = "Ctrl+ Alt " '00000101' = "Shift+Alt " '00000011' = "Shift+Ctrl" '00000100' = "Alt " '00000010' = "Ctrl " '00000001' = "Shift "

P.S. I probably could rewrite this in AUTO-IT to be portable if there is a need and no substitute.

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I don't know where they are defined or how to change them (I don't you really can change most, if you can at all), but here is a list of them.

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Try HotKeyBind. You find a short description here.

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