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Can I drag down dates with AM and PM?

  1. 22/11/2011 AM
  2. 22/11/2011 PM
  3. 23/11/2011 AM
  4. 23/11/2011 PM

like that?

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Don't think it's possible, personally i would create 2 columns (1xAM, 1xPM) then merge them together and then sort. – HaydnWVN Nov 22 '11 at 12:33
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  1. Type your starting date in cell A1 but don't type 'AM' - a date without a time in Excel is effectively 12:00 AM.
  2. Apply a custom number format dd/mm/yyyy AM/PM to cell A1.
  3. In cell A2 enter the formula =A1+0.5 which is effectively 12:00 PM on the same date.
  4. Now you can drag down from A2 and you'll get the sequence you want.
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