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It it possible to make kinit ask Keychain for password and not me?

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Actually it is possible. Let us say you have an account "bob" on the realm "MY.REAL.COM" with password "mypasswd". Then in a Terminal type on one single line

security add-generic-password -a "bob" -l "MY.REAL.COM (bob)" -s "MY.REALM.COM" -w "mypasswd" -c "aapl" -T "/usr/bin/kinit"

This will create an item in your default Keychain named "MY.REALM.COM (bob)" with your Kerberos credentials and kinit it will be authorized to access it. You can add as many -T "/fulpath/program" switches as you want, each will give access to the specific program to use your kerberos credentials. For example -T "/Applications/" will add access for

More details with man security.

After that kinit bob@MY.REAL.COM will not prompt you for a password but will get it from the keychain.

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That is flippin' rad! – jathanism Mar 7 '12 at 4:42

kinit on Mac OS X now (since 10.9, possibly earlier) has built-in support for saving the password to the keychain via the --keychain argument, accomplishing the same thing as paul's answer.

Authenticate using kinit --keychain; the password will be saved upon successful authentication:

kinit --keychain
# or
kinit --keychain bob@MY.REAL.COM

Subsequent kinit invocations (which don't require the --keychain argument) will automatically get the saved password from your keychain instead of prompting you to enter it.

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With only kinit, this is impossible.

You'd have to write or have someone else write a separate interface that uses the Keychain Services API to store and access your passwords.

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I just don't understand why Keychain is integrated so it remembers passphrase for ssh key, but can't remember password for kerberos. – tig Nov 23 '11 at 8:15
It's because no one bothered to program it. – surfasb Nov 23 '11 at 11:55

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