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I've encrypted my system partition using TrueCrypt and I've read that I can mount my encrypted data partition (TrueCrypt volume) on boot by making it a "System Favorite" and giving it the same password as the system partition. However it doesn't work and I have to mount it manually every time.

See this example.

I've tried enabling "Cache pre-boot authentication password in driver memory (for mounting of non-system volumes)" in System -> Settings, but that didn't change anything either.

Any ideas?

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FYI, I'm currently struggling with exactly the same issue. At some point I got it working but it ignored the assigned drive letters; now it's broken again. – Christoph Rüegg Nov 23 '11 at 18:50
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Take care, that you use a english keyboard-Layout when setting the passwort for the volume. (because the pre-boot-auth-password will be typed with english keybord)

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How does this solve it not mounting? – Simon Sheehan Nov 29 '11 at 23:27

In my Windows 8 I need to reboot my computer before system favorites mount.

At the first boot, the system favorites are not mounting, but on reboot do. It is very strange and I assume it is some kind of bug in Truecrypt 7a.

I guess I could take all my system favorites and convert them to normal favorites; then I can manually mount them after booting. But since some start-up programs already created some havoc by then, I always go the reboot route. So type in your password on boot, after loading select restart, type in your password again and then everything works as it should.

It's a nuisance, obviously, but it works.

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