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Windows XP (and previous versions) had a Record Volume Control panel that could be used to select between music inputs (Stereo Mix, Wav, etc) and a microphone. There doesn't seem to be an equivalent capability in Windows 7 . Is there a third party application that provides this functionality?

Note: the Windows XP Record Volume Control was accessed by doubleclicking the Speaker icon in the system try which displayed the (Listen) Volume Control. In the menu there was a "properties" which gave you the option of displaying the RECORD Volume Control instead. I used this capabiliy in Win XP to select the required inputs for an Internet Radio Station and now with Win 7, I can't do it any longer

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Right click the volume icon, and select Recording devices:

Right click

enter image description here

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also right click in the blank space of that tab and select "show disabled devices", sometimes the driver has more features that windows hides. If there is a "Stereo Mix" for example, you can record streaming audio without special software. – Moab Nov 23 '11 at 0:54

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