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I believe I have installed OCRopus successfully, strangely I can't find any usage instructions anywhere, been looking for about an hour, perhaps I'm crazy...

How do I use OCRopus?

I want it to OCR a PNG file into an HTML file saving the layout.

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This link might help you.


go to your directory of appropriately named book page scan images (tiff or png). When you type ls, you should see the pages list in order! Then, try:

ocropus book2pages out image*

This grooms the pages for OCR. Next, let’s make the page objects, and eventually the book:

ocropus pages2lines out

ocropus lines2fsts out/

ocropus fsts2text out/

ocropus buildhtml out/ > book.html

That should create you a nice book html file, in the hOCR format.

Also there are many tutorials on how to use ocropus.

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OK. Thank you. It seems that the installation wasn't successful afterall, which would explain my confusion. I managed to install OCRFeeder, so I'm trying that out now. – Alasdair Nov 23 '11 at 10:20

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