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Let's say I have three sessions: 0, 1 and 2

I'm on session 0 and I press CTRL-A S to split the screen. Then I select session 1 for the bottom split region, while 0 is in the upper.

Can I switch to session 2 and have it display in full-screen while 0 and 1 remain split? If I CTRL-A n to other sessions in a split screen it only changes the split-region. I want some sessions to be full-screen though.

Is that possible?

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The terminal is split into pains and windows (not sessions) are shown in each pane. With screen you are not able to change quickly between unsplit and split. You could probably set up some macros to push the necessary operations.

tmux might be able to do this for you, but I've never spent much time with it.

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GNU Screen does the splitting "above" the organisation of individual screens. So, no.

However, you can nest screen sessions. This is one reason for the -m and -e options. You can nest in either direction (or even both), but the hotkey usage can get tricky.

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