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I have little graphics experience, and need to build symbols that look like this:

enter image description here

ie. a main rectangle with little circles that can be either filled with a single color or split in 1-4 colors.

Which Windows application could I use for this, preferable free/open-source? Again, I'm no graphics guy, so ideally, the application should be dead-easy to use.

Thank you.

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This is going to fail the "dead easy" test because it is a very powerful comprehensive program but in the interest of building a complete list of good answers let me mention my favorite Inkscape. I do a few relatively simple things using the basic tools, but it does take some poking around to get used to.

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For simple graphic editing I've used The GIMP quite a bit. It can do some pretty hefty editing, but I mainly use it for cropping images (because MSPaint is no way to live).

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For symbols DIA is worth a look as it can export to a lot of vector formats.

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Inkscape, as Dennis says, or for bitmap (not vector) editing.

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